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Hello and welcome,

If you or your loved one are managing the effects of cancer, chronic disease or terminal illness, wherever you are in your life or health, I am here for you. I offer you my support with fully qualified, nurturing massage therapies.

I specialise in massage and gentle touch for people with cancer, chronic illness, anxiety or palliative care. My background in Ka Huna Massage, Remedial massage, Reflexology and Reiki encompasses a style of treatment that is flowing, healing, graceful and connected. 

Focusing solely on you and your well being, every movement counts. Each touch is made with purpose and a heartfelt healing intention. I believe that your whole being can be influenced by nurturing, breath and positive intention, allowing your body to soften, reconnect and open to healing.

My aim for you is to feel relief from pain and stress, to breathe with ease and to leave feeling calm, light and grounded. 

About Me 

My name is Rebecca, I'm a Welsh girl born and bred and have lived in Australia for over 27 years. I am a highly experienced and compassionate massage therapist, having been in the massage and healing industry for over 18 years.


Originally practicing Ka Huna Hawaiian Massage and other Remedial massage styles until 5 years ago when the direction in my massage practice changed. I lost my best friend to cancer.

Being a massage therapist, the one thing I could offer her was my touch. Witnessing the relief from pain and anxiety that Massage, Reflexology & Reiki provided her, led me to redirect my focus on helping to support others going through cancer and other chronic illness, with Oncology Massage and gentle touch therapies.


Attaining the highest level of Oncology Massage qualification within Australia, allows me to work in hospitals and cancer support centres, able to safely massage those in treatment for cancer, after surgery or for the very ill or in palliative care.

Being an empathetic and grounded person, I love to help others feel relief from pain, bringing peace to those who are sick, suffering, in chronic pain or for those with a terminal illness.


You can find me at varied hospitals around Sydney such as The Kinghorn Cancer Wellness Centre at St Vincent's Hospital, The Centre for Wellbeing at The Mater Hospital, Chris O'Brien Life House at RPA Hospital and Greenwich Hospital Palliative Care ward.

I also offer treatments from my home clinic in Roseville or home visits for those who need them.

If you or your loved one have cancer, other chronic illnesses, debilitating disease, or are just in need of some breathing space from daily life, massage, energy healing and nurturing touch really does help. 

Take a moment to review the treatments I offer and feel free to get in touch to discuss how I can help. 

With love, Rebecca x

Ph: 0419 58 44 60


  • Diploma Remedial Massage

  • Cert IV Massage Therapy

  • Oncology Massage Level 4

  • Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy - MLD for Lymphoedema

  • Diploma Reflexology

  • Diploma Oriental Massage

  • Ka Huna Massage Level 5

  • Reiki Energy Healing level II

  • Certificate Hot Stone Therapy

  • Certificate Beauty Therapy

  • Cranio Sacral Therapy

  • Myo Fascial Release

Oncology massage training Australia
Member of Association of Massage Therapists


Rebecca Della-Franca

Findlay Ave, Roseville, Sydney 2069

Email: contact@rebeccadellamassage.com.au


Ph. 0419 58 44 60