It was great to meet you and thank you for your wonderful healing hands!  Doug found the Oncology Massage session really beneficial, the main things that he felt the massage helped with were:


- giving him a deep and uninterrupted sleep

- he felt very relaxed after the massage and also the next day

- he found he could breathe a lot better and easier 

- he had more energy the following day and wasn't as tired as he normally would be


It also made a difference to his state of mind and we will book regular sessions.

Thank you, Geraldine

"I have been fortunate enough to have a massage with Becky, all of my experiences with her have been amazing. Her healing hands not only released physical pain, but she definitely helped me to release all my emotional stress.

I would highly recommend to anyone!"

Beatriz, Killara

"Becky is such a lovely relaxed person, the minute I walked in the door she made me feel at ease. Her massage style is quite different to anything I've had before. She is very good at what she does and leaves you feeling so good! Highly recommended. Ill be back"!

Simone, Artarmon

Hi Rebecca, After seeing you last week I wanted to tell you what a great job you did- I really felt the good healing effects of the bodywork.  If I had remained in Sydney, I think I would have booked a block of sessions with you! I told Mum I think you're one of the best masseuses I have encountered and that she should keep going to you. Thanks very much again.


I have been a client of Rebecca's for several years now where she provides me with

Ka Huna & Remedial massage. She is very perceptive in identifying problem areas.

Upon finding out she had diversified into Oncology massage, I referred my parents to her. One was recovering from breast cancer and radiotherapy and the other from a knee replacement. Both have found this to be very beneficial in abating the physical stress but more importantly have found it very cathartic. Approaching their 80's they wouldn't normally seek out this type of treatment, but they now appreciate its therapeutic value and are regular clients too. 


The most healing hands I've had on my body! Five energy-filled stars out of five!!

Sharon, Lindfield

"I have been fortunate enough to have treatments with Becky, she is an amazing therapist!! Who I would highly recommend to anyone!"

Helen, Sydney

What a relief it was to have someone like Rebecca help my late mother in her battle with cancer. She played a big part in alleviating her pain, stress levels and anxiety through the use of gentle massage. Mum really looked forward to weekly home visits as she felt so much more comfortable and relaxed after her hour long session. She is such a kind and caring professional, who even popped in to visit mum in hospital during her last days. Thanks again for all your care Rebecca, I will definitely be referring other people to you.

Lesa, West Pymble

I was fortunate to have an oncology massage from Rebecca Della during my treatment for breast cancer. As a cancer patient, the daily physical pain, anxiety and despair can at times be overwhelming, you often feel incredibly insecure and scared as though life itself holds a shifting balance in its fragility, but to escape that and be able to put all aside and place yourself in the hands of a very nurturing and intuitive massage therapist, is rewarding on so many levels. Thank you Rebecca Della you are incredible.

Carla, Terrey Hills

So incredible for my wife during long cancer treatments. I cannot tell you how much the combination of being an expert in Oncology massage, combined with deeply relaxing reflexology and Reiki is one of the best gifts you can give someone who is being treated for cancer. Thanks for being incredible Becky!!

Steven, Maroubra

I had a wonderful, healing and relaxing massage with Rebecca and I would recommend her to anyone wishing to experience a loving, intuitive massage. Her hands are so skillful at finding the tight spots and also gentle and soft when it's appropriate. She's truly professional and very caring and experienced. Beautiful! Thank you so much!

Di, Roseville

"I have had the pleasure of receiving many massages from Becky. Beck is an amazing woman who puts all of her emotion and energy into her work. The minute you meet Becky, she makes you feel totally at ease. I loved both the hot stones and the Kahuna, each treatment was an unforgettable experience. I am a fitness Instructor so my body is always under a lot stress, Beck has the ability to relax every muscle in my body and take my over active mind to a beautiful place. I highly recommend this beautiful woman, she truly is a gifted therapist"

Cath, Agnes Water

I had the most amazing massage from Becky 3 weeks after my baby arrived, and it was a deeper healing than I had been expecting. I thought I was just there to relax!! But the moment Becky put her hands on my feet I had an instant realisation of the anxiety I was feeling around being a Mother to two little people, and the fear of failing... The massage delved into the layers of fear, without me needing to say a word, and somehow I arrived into a place of calm - more secure in my ability to cope. If your soul is in need of some kindness, I can sincerely recommend Becky's Ka Huna healing.

Ciara, Sydney